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As part of our 25th anniversary celebrations, we invite you to find out more about some of the people who make our shopping centre extra special! Take a look at the stars of our current media campaign below…

We believe that it’s the people that make the place!

Jewellery is Christopher’s passion!

Christopher launched the business with his father back in 1979; nearly 40 years on they are still a family run store. At the heart of their success is their on-site jewellery workshop – one of the largest in Wales – offering beautiful bespoke jewellery. Plus you’ll find a wide range of top brands including Nomination, Couer de Lion and Clogau.

Tea is Courtney’s passion!

She trained as a Tea Ambassador as part of her mission to match her customers with the perfect brew. As one of four people in the company
accredited by the UK Tea Academy, Courtney helps other Whittard staff across the country to develop the perfect blend of tea expertise and excellent customer service.

Design is Liam’s passion!

Born and bred in Cardiff, Liam designs, prints and owns a Cardiff-based brand Over Seas Apparel. Awarded a Cardiff Business Club bursary in 2018, he launched Over Seas Apparel and established a brand which fuses fashion with the outdoor lifestyle. His new “Save the Wave” collection brings style and sustainability together, using recycled plastic and organic cotton.

Customer Service is Tina’s passion!

Having worked at Argos for over 30 years, Tina knows a thing or two about great customer service. In fact, she was a South Wales finalist in last year’s ‘Love Awards’, designed to recognise excellent customer service in retail (her trophy and certificate both sit proudly behind the till in-store!).

Diamonds are Penny’s passion!

Penny loves to match people with their perfect diamond; in fact, she has helped many people choose their engagement ring – with one man
proposing outside the store last year! Lots of customers come in to ask for her advice and she believes that each person deserves the same level of service whether they are spending £200 or £2,000.

Toys are Dianne’s passion!

Dianne has worked for The Entertainer for almost 23 years! As the deputy store manager, she is a familiar face in Queens Arcade and simply adores her job. Christmas is her favourite time of year as she loves welcoming children into the store to post their letters to Santa.

Baguettes are Paul’s passion!

Paul opened Le Rendez-Vous with his wife Jo in Queens Arcade in 1995. As an independent business, they were keen to offer healthier options such as filled baguettes and have used authentic French baguettes from the very start! All bread is freshly baked in-store and many of the regulars have been coming for years.

Marketing is Ceri’s passion!

Ceri has worked as part of the Centre Management team since Queens Arcade opened 25 years ago! She works on the marketing of the centre,
and loves liaising with tenants to help promote their businesses. She is part of the fabric of Queens Arcade, and is a wealth of information about the centre and its history.

We want to hear your stories!

We would like to invite you to share your favourite memories about Queens Arcade.

Did you shop here when the centre first opened? Have you visited a particular store regularly over the past few years? Or have you perhaps purchased something in the centre which has helped fuel your own passions/interests? Just fill in the form below as we are looking for stories to share across our social media channels, and on posters within the centre. We'd love to hear from you.

Celebrating 25 years

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